Thursday, July 1, 2010

So Much

Tired. But the very best kind.

Yesterday: yoga, painting, group and private guitar lessons, zombie tag, burritos, a yellow jacket nest, homemade bubble making, two kittens, a puppy, the "options" game, a fairy palace out of sticks, two new kids, and ended the day with a great big mess and lots of girls dressed in jangles and Indian dress sets bellydancing with Logan well past closing hours: choreographing and performing with a total and utter lack of self-apprehension. It was beautiful. We all yelled and clapped and laughed. It was a party, a parade, and it was all homemade!

Today: dulcimer fever gettin' down in the great room to Bile Dem Cabbage Down, welcome friends and new faces stopping by every day here to get more information and a feel for our "thang" - curious about the newness and the differentness. Folk- dancing on the porch, artisan bread baking, more "scenarios" games - the big kids huddled on the trampoline for hours discussing what would you do in nuclear fall-out? Frog hunts and subsequent frog-terrarium-making. Beatles on loud and on repeat, (the 11 and 12 year old boys are DJ'ing - they keep hacking into the i-tunes), dress-up and tag and more kitten time. A baby chicken was born to Rosetta's hen, wet and dewy, but has not yet arrived at the House - we need chicken tractors!

Did I mention a mess? It is Annie Dillard who coined "this beautiful mess" and I concur.

The highlight of my day was a little tinkly sound behind me while playing dulcimer. I kept turning around to see Lucius, our bright and brilliant self-occupier, working hard on his marble tower - having opted out of dulcimers. I couldn't figure out where the tinkling sound was coming from. Finally, hearing it very loudly, I looked down and saw that he had placed the little brass Glockenspiel (a beautiful sounding pentatonic zylophone) under his marble tower so that as the marbles came down, they made music. That's why I'm here.

More thoughts this weekend. Keep posted.

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