Friday, June 4, 2010

Soiree in the Making

Rosetta's still in the infirmary,(bed), and although it won't be the same without her, we're going to try to pull it off tonight anyhow.
Jack is the lasagna man; we've got lots of help on the way and it promises to be a nice crowd.
Anyone is welcome to show up for the 5 o'clock tour and discussion without RSVP. There will be several people coming just for that segment. Dinner is at 7.
The miniature ponies are here and settling in well. I love to look out the window in the morning and see them grazing by the pond as the mist settles.
We'll introduce you to the otter, or at least show you where his den is and where he likes to eat fish. We'll have a playful session on education and life and community and ideals, Jack will be rocking the wet bar, the kids can romp and have an adventure, there will be lanterns in the trees. Should be a great evening again.
Come if you can. We'll repeat next week on Tuesday night.

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