Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Week Ahead

Looks to be promising and busy! We have some regular weekly sessions starting, like cooking classes, art lessons, guitar lessons, adult/child yoga and belly-dancing. We also have amazing visitors leading herbalism and appalachian music this week.
As always, we try to strike a balance between creative, interesting options and the children having lots of unstructured time to play, jump on the trampoline and create their own games. Every day we will be cooking a large vegetarian meal together, spending time out of doors at the pond, creek and woods and working around the property, taking care of the animals and gardens.
In addition, here's the schedule thus far:

Monday - 11am - A local herbalist and mother will be leading a plant walk with us. We will gather flowers and local medicinals to make tinctures and flower essences following.

Tuesday - 11am - Cookie, gourmet chef and owner of Black Mountain's Morning Glory Cafe, will be here every Tuesday to give a cooking lesson and help the children prepare lunch.
Weekly Afternoon Art class with long time alternative school art teacher, (and Rosetta's mother!), Denise

Wednesday - 9am, parent and child yoga led by Mado.
11am - Natalia Grunwell, a French native and local artisan bread baker, will be here to give a class on baking simple no-knead artisan breads which we plan to continue to make weekly at the school.
1:30pm, Logan, of Body Lyrics Bellydancing, will be giving a children and adults belly-dancing class.
Juan Holloday of the B-Sides is here every Wednesday morning to give guitar instruction at $5 per child. (an amazing deal!) Bring your guitar!

Thursday - 9:30am Anne Lough, local dulcimer player and teacher, (and my mother! wink.), will be giving dulcimer lessons followed by traditional folk dancing on the porch. This session is open to the public at $12 per child.

Friday - 9am parent and child yoga led by Mado
Canoeing/pond day - bring your swimsuit!

As always, Hemphill House is open to visitors. Please contact us in advance if possible so we can have an idea of how our day/week is going to flow.

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