Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wish List will be with these things, we have a lot of wishes. Got stuff lying around?

Paper Lamp Shades
Bean Bags
Floor or outdoor cushions
Outdoor Furniture
Fort Building Materials:
-(indoor - pillows, cushions, sheets)
-(outdoor: scrap wood, windows, etc.)
Wooden Toys
wooden puzzles
musical instruments
tinker toys, etc.
play castle
outdoor toys
Science Toys and old Lab Equipment
“invention” stuff: wires, springs, recyclable materials, etc.
Creative and art supplies
Colorful things
Christmas lights
Picnic Tables
Outdoor Shelter
Garden tools and equipments
rabbit hutches
Hot tub
Fencing (non-electric)
Chicken tractors

1 comment:

  1. Hi Rosetta,

    Give me a call/email when is good for you, we have lots of windows, wooden toys and more. My hubby has made a bunch of wooden things for our boys, maybe we could do a trade? Also, check with my sis, Lisa Chase(Rumfelt), I just gave her a big bag of Christmas lights.
    Jenny Miller